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Christopher Rowlands

With over 7 years of architectural practice, Chris Rowlands has a particular passion for design which lead to the creation of RAD-Studio. With a mission to encourage the design of spaces of unique lifestyles, he ambitiously studies the human interaction of designed spaces down to the intimacy of how light interacts on a surface, to the feel of spaces and the emotions that can be elicited through design.

Chris has experience in many design sectors including but not limited to Commercial, Educational, Hospitality, Recreational, Residential and Specialised design projects. If you’re looking for someone who cares about the environment while attending to your needs, get in contact with RAD-Studio today and take advantage of Chris’s fresh approach to architecture.

I approach my work with a great respect to the impact that architecture can have culturally, socially & individually. I design with programmatic and pragmatic solutions to each project. I continually remained inspired by various disciplines of design & nature.

Chris Rowlands