Chris Rowlands

Creator of RAD-Studio – Chris Rowlands

The Messenger – December 18, 2013

Rowlands Architecture Design Studio owner Chris Rowlands is encouraging developers not to wipe out the natural landscape on their properties, but use it in the design of a new house. 

Chris has designed a new Hazelwood Park home to safeguard four historic Moreton Bay Figs – known as “The Paddocks Beneath” – that sit on the property.  The Glynburn Rd trees, which form part of the original gateway to Hazelwood Park, are no longer protected after the State Government revised its tree laws in 2011. But Mr Rowlands said it was important for homeowners and developers to consider the value of the trees before bringing in the chainsaw. He said the watered-down tree protection laws made it too easy for developers to remove trees without considering how they could be integrated into the design of the house.

“Revised tree laws allow developers to easily come through and demolish natural landscapes, rather than designing to work with some rare sites,” Mr Rowlands said.

“The consideration that goes into development in residential areas appears to be focused on profit and not the opportunity for unique living.”

Source: News Limited