About RAD-Studio

Rowlands Architectural Design Studio (RAD-Studio) is an architecture design practice with the focus of thoughtful and meaningful design. We donโ€™t just produce spaces that people need to live in; we carefully design spaces to suit lifestyle and culture. RAD-Studio builds strong project ethos and philosophy to produce unique design solutions to challenge standard forms of living. We work closely with clients to help broaden possibilities while projects evolve, to encourage and stimulate dreams then bring them to reality. Understanding the nature of human experience within designed spaces pushes us away from designing to trends that have limited lifespans. We look at how design stipulates meaning to spaces we live, learn, work, relax, and of course have fun in.

The Process

The design and building process takes time and preparation. There are a number of approvals required before you can start building. We like to stage our process to ensure milestones are met and approvals are granted as efficiently as possible. The graph on the right illustrates the anticipated time frames for our basic stages. RAD-Studio can manage all approvals which means you don’t have to deal with councils and the approval process.

  • Concept Design
  • Technical Drawings and Documentation
  • On-Site / Contract Administration
The fun part! And what we do best. This is where RAD-Studio and the client get to collaborate, put our heads together and come up with a creative brief. Then leave it to us and we get drawing. We will develop a number of schematic diagrams, 3D models, plans, sections, elevations, & what ever else we need to resolve a quality design solution. RAD-Studio will produce the drawings required for council planning applications and can manage the entire approval process for you. We will engage and manage all other consultants required to make sure the project has a strong foundation of information to move forward. Some of these consultants may include, Arborists, Landscape Architects, Planners, Engineers, Artists, Interior Designer, Cost Consultants and the list goes on.
Once we have a a resolved concept we move onto the technical side of things. They say the devil is in the detail, RAD-Studio now thoroughly go through and produce working drawings to gain full development approval and to move onto begin building. From the roof sheeting, to the detailing of staircases and intricate spaces we go through and detail the project to ensure every last item is resolved. This allows the project to move forward as a resolved package to achieve exactly what you want while the project is being built. RAD-Studio will manage all the consultants required to ensure the built project is of the highest possible standard. Documenting the project thoroughly ensures that when you start building you know everything you are getting when you sign a contract and will reduce the chance of nasty variations.
Once we have accepted a tender or have a builder we would like to work with, RAD-Studio will administer a contract between the client and the selected builder. RAD-Studio uses contracts that are completely impartial and provide more protection to the client that some standard industry contracts. All progress payments and variations are assessed and approved by us before you have to pay anything, this reduces disputes and will mean the client doesn’t have to stress about any issues that arise on site. Alternatively we are more than happy to work in a design construct fashion where by we will work produce the drawings your builder needs and provide and consultancy advice while your project is being built.